2020: No New Taxes?

In just a few days from the time of my writing this (March 20), the Alameda County Registrar of Voters is expected to certify their results in the 2020 primary election.  As it currently stands, the vote on Alameda's Measure A parcel tax for teacher salaries is just 124 Yes votes past the two-thirds threshold … Continue reading 2020: No New Taxes?

A down-ballot race that matters

Perhaps you've been surprised by the quality and frequency of mailers supporting a certain candidate for the Alameda County Board of Education.  Each of these full-page glossies cost tens of thousands of dollars to print and mail - not something you usually see for a down-ballot race like a county school board seat.  At my … Continue reading A down-ballot race that matters

Band Aid?

The AUSD school board meeting of May 14 opened with students from Alameda and Encinal High Schools airing grievances about their teachers.  If you're interested, you can watch the entire board meeting on-line.  While this alone would provide plenty to write about - from the need to keeping our classrooms student-centered to California Ed Code … Continue reading Band Aid?

What Oakland Did

We're barely into May, and we've already had two high-profile teacher strikes in California this year.  Teachers in Los Angeles Unified - by far the largest district in the state - walked out for six days in January, seeking smaller class sizes and specialist caseloads, protections for their public schools, and increases in salary.  And … Continue reading What Oakland Did